Telescopic Technology

Telescopic conveyors exist in the industry today for one reason; Tower cranes. It was Thor Johannsen's experience in the tower crane industry that led to the invention of the first telescopic stacker in 1992. Thor applied his understanding of cantilevered structures to the complex design of the original telescopic stacker.

Design in many industries has often used the principal, "if something doesn't work, beef it up - add more steel." When designing screening plants, crushers and loaders this may work. However, Thor Global believes strongly that this is not the case when designing telescopic conveyors. The modern tower crane design has not effectively changed over the last 45 years for one good reason; the strength to weight ratio has effectively been realized. Intelligent design and a proper balance of strength & weight continue to separate Thor Global from the competition today.

Telescopic technology was initially designed for the aggregate industry to stockpile larger volumes and eliminate segregation, compaction and contamination. It effectively reduces the use of fuel and costly equipment.

Thor telescopic conveyors are without question the most technologically advanced machines of their kind on the market. Since inventing the first telescopic conveyor for the aggregate industry, Thor engineers have integrated state of the art customized automation software, touch screen interfaces, ultrasonic sensing devices, remote operation capabilities as well as countless incremental design updates.