Research & Development

Thor Global continues to foster an internal culture of innovation through a rigorous ongoing program of research and development. We believe that all things can be improved, and our products reflect this axiom. Our customers provide invaluable feedback regarding their individual needs, and we transform these needs into next generation products.

Key Innovations

For over 40 years, Thor Global has been designing and manufacturing equipment to a level that few have matched. This is made evident by one word. Innovation. Not just taking someone else's concept and making a few changes to it, but developing new concepts that lead the industry in a new direction. To be this kind of company demands experience, technology and passion for innovation. Here you will find some of the most innovative solutions developed by Thor Global.

  • Belt Scrapers (Twin-Edge) & Tensioning System: Patented
    Belt Scrapers (Twin-Edge) & Tensioning System: Patented
    Situated at the discharge end on both conveyors, Thor’s exclusive twin-edge belt scrapers are designed for a cleaner return and longer belt life. All scrapers are manufactured using a tough ¾” thick, 10” wide urethane blade combined with an extension spring. The blade is reversible for double lifespan. The PATENTED belt scraper tensioning system provides maximum control and better usage of the blade.
  • Cable Slack & Tension Detection
    Cable Slack & Tension Detection
    The cable slack and tension detection system utilizes the PLC to constantly monitor cable tension and alert the operator when the cable needs to be adjusted. This failsafe system is easily accessible when adjustments are required. All machines use standard 9/16” cables to add strength and reliability.
  • In-line Swing Axle
    In-line Swing Axle
    The exclusive inline swing axle design is the only system that enables the machine to radial in a smooth motion without straining or scuffing the tires. The wheels remain in a perfect arc because they are in-line or side-by-side at all times. The axle design is 27ft in radial mode providing the most stable structure on the market.
  • LES: Patented
    LES: Patented
    The patented LES (Load Equalizing System) was engineered to evenly distribute the constantly changing load of the inner truss as it extends and retracts. When extending and retracting a telescopic, the forces applied to the inner structure can be very high. The system uses a unique 4-roller design to effectively distribute this load over the entire inner structure. The LES is located under the inner conveyor to avoid material build up. The combination of the upper and lower LES keeps loads even on all 4 rollers for worry-free operation.
  • Push Down Axle: Patent-Pending
    Push Down Axle: Patent-Pending
    Hydraulically operated “push down” axles lift the machine to allow quick and easy movement of the machine without the need to move the main axle from radial to transport mode.
  • Quick-Release System
    Quick-Release System
    This system allows the operator to easily engage or disengage the chain drive system for travel or working positions within less than 3 minutes, minimizing set-up and tear down time. This chain does not need to be taken apart when putting it on or taking it off the wheel drive sprocket.
  • Stone Box Skirting (Floating): UHMW
    Stone Box Skirting (Floating): UHMW
    Located between the stone box and the conveyor belt, the UHMW skirting is designed to “float” on the belt via slotted holes, maintaining a constant point of contact, thereby minimizing spillage and wear due to friction.
  • Tail Pulley Kicker Bar
    Tail Pulley Kicker Bar
    A kicker bar is attached to the tail pillow block bearings of the inner and outer conveyors to keep material off the pulley, which prevents tracking and belt damage.
  • Tail Undercarriage Hinge Point
    Tail Undercarriage Hinge Point
    This original Thor design removes all lateral stress from the radial arms, as the unit is being raised or lowered. The extended hinge point enables the onveyor to raise and lower “on-the-fly” (without stopping the machine), which effectively helps to provide segregation free material.
  • Transport Auxiliary Axle
    Transport Auxiliary Axle
    The axle is a specially designed outrigger style framework with 8 radial tires mounted onto standard 10-stud hub and transportation/truck spindles, bearings. Wheels are equipped with air-actuated brakes for transport. An auxiliary axle is included where required by law for road restrictions.
  • Transport Flip Box
    Transport Flip Box
    Kingpin, counterweight and side plate assemblies are designed to allow ample turning clearance for most 5th wheel tractors, as well as easier and quicker hook-up from operating to transport positions.
  • Zero Speed Switches
    Zero Speed Switches
    Zero speed switches located on the inner and outer conveyor utilize PLC to detect if the belt is slipping and thereby prevent the stacker from overloading beyond its maximum capacity.