Portable Transfer Conveyor - Jump/Grasshopper

Used in these industries:
Aggregate, Agriculture & Recycling, Mining, Ports & Terminals
Thor offers a wide range of portable transfer conveyors to cost effectively suit any application. All transfer conveyors have a height adjustable range of 8ft at the axle.

Very Durable

High-end components such as CEMA C idlers and CLASS 2 reducers make these conveyors very durable.

Cost Effective

Basic design makes these the most cost effective alternative to highway portable units.

Effortless Maintenance

Single source components and simplified design creates effortless maintenance.
TC50x36-0500/0800/100036in50ft500/800/1000 stph
TC70x36-0500/0800/100036in70ft500/800/1000 stph
TC80x36-0500/0800/100036in80ft500/800/1000 stph
TC100x36-0500/0800/100036in100ft500/800/1000 stph
TC120x36-0500/0800/100036in120ft500/800/1000 stph
TC150x36-0500/0800/100036in150ft500/800/1000 stph
TC80x42-1200/150042in80ft1200/1500 stph
TC100x42-1200/150042in100ft1200/1500 stph
TC120x42-1200/150042in120ft1200/1500 stph
  • Belt Scrapers (Twin-Edge) & Tensioning System: Patented
    Belt Scrapers (Twin-Edge) & Tensioning System: Patented
    Situated at the discharge end on both conveyors, Thor’s exclusive twin-edge belt scrapers are designed for a cleaner return and longer belt life. All scrapers are manufactured using a tough ¾” thick, 10” wide urethane blade combined with an extension spring. The blade is reversible for double lifespan. The PATENTED belt scraper tensioning system provides maximum control and better usage of the blade.
  • Belt Splice: Vulcanized
    Belt Splice: Vulcanized
    All belt splices are vulcanized in house to ensure greater belt life for all of our end users. Vulcanizing also prolongs the life of the belt scraper. Thor Global uses premium quality and high tensile strength belting.
  • Contactors: IEC
    Contactors: IEC
    Thor Global is very aware that bulk material handling environments can be extremely harsh on electrical components. This is why the conveyor uses over sized IEC contactors for all applications to provide a more robust system.
  • Gear Reducers: CLASS 2
    Gear Reducers: CLASS 2
    Dodge, always CLASS 2 with no need to upgrade from CLASS 1.
  • Idlers: CEMA C
    Idlers: CEMA C
    Strongco CEMA C idlers are standard on all machines. They are intended to last twice as long as CEMA B. Thor uses nothing less than the best!
  • Safety Guarding
    Safety Guarding
    Galvanized steel mesh guarding surrounding the main conveyor and safety guards at all pinch points provide ultimate protection for all operators and personnel within close range of the conveyor.
  • Steel: 60,000 psi
    Steel: 60,000 psi
    Thor Global uses 60,000 psi yield strength steel versus the industry norm of 45,000 psi yield strength for all HSS (Hollow Structural Section) tubing. This FINER grain steel provides additional strength without additional weight.
  • Training: Onsite
    Training: Onsite
    A factory trained, Thor authorized representative will be on site to ensure that you and your operators know all there is to know about how the conveyor operates.
  • Ultrasonic Sensors
    Ultrasonic Sensors
    Ultrasonic sensors utilize the PLC to automatically maintain a pre-determined drop distance from the head pulley to the stockpile as well as stopping all radial movement when no material is detected on the conveyor belt. These sensors never come in contact with the material and are maintenance free.
  • Variable Frequency Drive
    Variable Frequency Drive
    Variable frequency drive provides smooth acceleration and deceleration of the, eliminating jerky or jarring starts and stops. The VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) also allows the operator to adjust the radial travel speed.
  • Chute: Custom
    Chute: Custom
    A standard box shaped design has tapered sides with a wider feed opening. Other custom designs are available upon request.
  • Colour: Custom
    Colour: Custom
    We understand the importance of corporate image, so we at Thor Global will always try to meet the specific requests of our customers as best as we can.
  • Contactors & Starters: NEMA
    Contactors & Starters: NEMA
    NEMA rated starters and contactors are available upon request.
  • Galvanizing: Hot-Dip
    Galvanizing: Hot-Dip
    Realizing that some customers have to work in harsh environments with corrosive materials, Thor is the first and only manufacturer to provide a unit that can withstand your tough environment. Machines are fully Hot-Dip galvanized before assembly. Hot-Dip Galvanizing relieves the internal stresses of welded components, providing a fully stress relieved structure. Zinc has a very high relative corrosion resistance.
  • Belt Alignment Sensor
    Belt Alignment Sensor
    A belt alignment sensor may be applied in connection with the PLC to monitor the belt alignment and alert the operator when an adjustment is required to further extend belt longevity. Also known as belt tracking.
  • Belt Covers: Patented
    Belt Covers: Patented
    Thor Global’s patented belt covers can be easily installed into any existing conveyor system. Ultra lightweight galvanized steel structural tubing and single bolt connections make these conveyor covers easy to handle, remove and assemble. Individual spring tensioning systems keep the covers secure and accessible for maintenance and repair. Lightweight UV resistant polyurethane material dramatically reduces wind load by 80%. Provides excellent dust control.
  • Belt Scrapers: H/D
    Belt Scrapers: H/D
    HD (High Definition) belt scrapers are available upon request. Includes 2 primary and 1 secondary blade.
  • Zero Speed Switches
    Zero Speed Switches
    Zero speed switches located on the inner and outer conveyor utilize PLC to detect if the belt is slipping and thereby prevent the stacker from overloading beyond its maximum capacity.