Mobile High-capacity feed hopper

Thor Feed Hopper is the most rugged and time-efficient way to move your material with minimal handling of material. With a wide top opening, this highly mobile, durable unit leverages belt feed from 36” up to 54” to handle all types of material (e.g. iron ore pellet, coal, aggregate, etc.) at variable speeds for different capacities.

Extremely portable

Mobile design enables you to go from travel to feeding in minutes

Optimizes workflow

Reduces multiple handling of material, manual labor, and setup & teardown time


Versatile in design with adjustable transfer conveyor height and removable grizzly bars
FH14X3636in Single Belt62ft500/800 stph
FH14X36X3636in Dual Belt62ft500/800/1000 stph
FH17X42X4242in Dual Belt62ft800/1000 stph
FH17X48x4248in/42in Dual Belt62ft1500 stph