Custom Solutions

We’ve got our thinking helmets on! Thor global is capable of customizing existing products as well as designing new products and solutions. Our creative team of engineers and project managers can handle your unique requirements with a passion for innovation. 


Thor engineers listen to experienced people who know what they want. We provide fast, accurate and relevant pre-purchase advice, as well as on-site start-up assistance and training. Thor Global’s dedicated project management team is capable of handling large complex data specification manuals in a timely manner. Thor Global also has experience working with large engineering firms.


We not only listen to requirements, but we add experience to several applications. Thor Global is capable of providing fast, innovative solutions for a wide range of unique projects. We are committed to developing practical solutions with a quality that exceeds your expectations. We believe in working as a team. Together we can move mountains.


Thor Global offers complete commissioning services including onsite training and post sales support. We want to make sure that you receive results.