Ports & Terminals

Ship, Barge, Rail

Ship, barge and rail systems are some of the most economical means of transporting bulk materials around the world. Thor Global continues to develop new and innovative solutions that are focused to accommodate the time sensitive needs of port and terminal operations. All machines are designed with the perfect balance of weight and structure to provide the strongest machine possible.




Telescopic technology provides a cost effective solution for port and terminal facilities due to versatility and high tonnage. The ability to control bulk material using telescopic technology is especially an asset for ship loading applications.


Ship loaders are faced with several challenges pertaining to the control of material. Not being able to load bulk material evenly on the vessel is a huge concern. Telescopic technology provides operators with complete trimming and precise control of where material falls within each hold, maximizing space and volume on the vessel. Load the vessel evenly port to starboard, bow to stern.


With conventional ship loading equipment, port facilities are often challenged with the need to move a vessel multiple times during the loading process. Telescopic extension enables operators to fill multiple holds from one single feed point without moving the vessel, minimizing potential demurrage charges. Portable units can also be moved onsite without the need to move the vessel making the loading process very fast and efficient.


Some port facilities need to diversify by providing multiple services and functions, which is why the versatility of a portable telescopic unit is such an asset to this industry. In just a few minutes the conveyor can be packed up and moved out of the way of the vessel when not in use.

In more permanent scenarios, ThorTowerStacker™ units can provide greater flexibility for function. No head undercarriage provides maximum clearance under the conveyor should space be required for driving trucks along side the vessel during loading.

  • Transport Auxiliary Axle
    Transport Auxiliary Axle
    The axle is a specially designed outrigger style framework with 8 radial tires mounted onto standard 10-stud hub and transportation/truck spindles, bearings. Wheels are equipped with air-actuated brakes for transport. An auxiliary axle is included where required by law for road restrictions.
  • Transport Landing Legs: Regular
    Transport Landing Legs: Regular
    Landing legs are required when loaders are not available to lift the conveyor off the truck. These Landing Legs allow you to unhook the conveyor from the transport truck without the need for additional equipment.