Coal, Salt, Sulphur, Potash, Gypsum, Nickel, Gold, Iron Ore, Copper
Thor Global presents many opportunities for the mining industry with custom solutions and versatile configurations for heap leaching. When storing bulk material, telescopic technology can maximize any given footprint. Thor Global uses 60,000 psi yield strength steel versus the industry standard of 45,000 psi yield strength for all HSS (Hollow Structural Section) tubing.

Thor Global has been providing conveying equipment for mineral production for over 30 years.

Thor Global understands the fast paced requirements of handling coal. Larger products with high capacities are ideal for this application. Hot-Dip galvanizing has also proven to be a key asset for coal applications.

Thor Global also takes seismic standards into consideration when designing for regions that are prone to earthquakes.

  • Electrical Cable Harness Pulley: UHMW
    Electrical Cable Harness Pulley: UHMW
    Custom made UHMW pulleys, which are attached to the electrical cable harness that supplies the inner truss, are guaranteed not to seize up.
  • Galvanizing: Hot-Dip
    Galvanizing: Hot-Dip
    Realizing that some customers have to work in harsh environments with corrosive materials, Thor is the first and only manufacturer to provide a unit that can withstand your tough environment. Machines are fully Hot-Dip galvanized before assembly. Hot-Dip Galvanizing relieves the internal stresses of welded components, providing a fully stress relieved structure. Zinc has a very high relative corrosion resistance.