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Mulch, Compost, Grain, Topsoil, Recycling
Thor Global Enterprises addresses challenges associated with internal fires, compaction, and contamination using the telescopic technology. These challenges have a serious impact on revenue growth and sustainability, and are linked to negative implications with respect to environmental health. Agricultural producers and recycling plants benefit from the versatility of Thor Global’s products.

Benefits Of Telescopic Technology

Telescopic Technology provides a stockpile that is of larger volume, non-compacted and non-contaminated. In addition to reducing the use of fuel and costly equipment, telescopic technology also reduces the risk of fires in stockpiling mulch and compost. For more detailed information.

Reducing The Risk Of Fires

In conventional stockpiling, mulch producers often use costly equipment to flip and rotate material to prevent the risk of internal fires. When stockpiling with a ThorStacker™, material is being poured under constant motion, which reduces friction and keeps the material loose, aerated and cool, ensuring the core temperature does not rise to the point of combustion.


Stockpile 30% more material in the same area. See Stockpile Capacity Card.


In conventional stockpiling, mulch or compost that falls in one position from variable heights will result in a degree of compaction. The ThorStacker™ telescopic portable radial stacker eliminates the challenge of compaction by being under constant motion and maintaining a constant pile height of 1.5 feet from the head pulley of the discharge conveyor to the pile. The stacker also distributes product evenly in a controlled area without disrupting natural settling of the material.

Contamination & Material Degredation

In additional to compaction, the use of heavy machinery poses a risk of contaminating agricultural material with dirt, oil, steel or other undesirable objects. Machinery is also related to negative environmental hazards linked to emissions and fuel consumption. In an age where product quality is the driving force behind the success of an underlying business, contamination cannot be tolerated. Competitors generating higher quality will inevitably increase their market share as consumers look to their product for greater value.

  • Contactors: IEC
    Contactors: IEC
    Thor Global is very aware that bulk material handling environments can be extremely harsh on electrical components. This is why the conveyor uses over sized IEC contactors for all applications to provide a more robust system.
  • Idlers: CEMA C
    Idlers: CEMA C
    Strongco CEMA C idlers are standard on all machines. They are intended to last twice as long as CEMA B. Thor uses nothing less than the best!