Sand, Gravel, Limestone, Granite, Road Base, Concrete
Producers were looking for ways to improve the efficiencies and quality of their products. Recognizing the needs of this industry lead to the invention of the telescopic conveyor. Thor Global is dedicated to providing quality products that exceed expectations for the aggregate industry with telescopic technology and several other rugged products.

Benefits Of Telescopic Technology

Telescopic Technology provides a stockpile that is non-segregated, non-compacted and non-contaminated. It enables you to stockpile larger volumes than conventional radial stackers within the same footprint and will greatly reduce the use of fuel and costly equipment such as loaders and dozers, originally used to restore “out-of-spec” material. Stockpile 30% more material in the same area. See Stockpile Capacity Card.


In conventional stockpiling, material segregation occurs, as fines remain centered and coarser material falls along the outside to the bottom of the pile. Telescopic Technology stockpiles material in flat concentric rows to reduce the challenge of segregation. Zero segregation programs are available when segregation is of the utmost importance.


In conventional stockpiling, material that falls in one position from variable heights will result in a degree of compaction. Conventional forms of distribution also use front-end loaders or dump trucks to re-blend out-of-spec material, which compacts the material. The ThorStacker™ telescopic portable radial stacker eliminates the challenge of compaction by maintaining a constant pile height of 1.5 feet from the head pulley of the discharge conveyor to the pile. The stacker also distributes product evenly in a controlled area without disrupting natural settling of the material. Conventional methods result in material bounce and roll-off.

Contamination & Material Degredation

In additional to compaction, the use of heavy machinery poses a risk of contaminating material with dirt, oil, steel or other undesirable objects. Machinery is also related to negative environmental hazards linked to emissions and fuel consumption. In an age where product quality is the driving force behind the success of an underlying business, contamination cannot be tolerated. Competitors generating higher quality will inevitably increase their market share as consumers look to their product for greater value.

  • Anchor Pad: Portable
    Anchor Pad: Portable
    Thor has developed a strong steel fabricated anchor pad that is very compact and portable. The anchor pad conveniently fits into the receiving hopper for transport.
  • Belt Alignment Sensor
    Belt Alignment Sensor
    A belt alignment sensor may be applied in connection with the PLC to monitor the belt alignment and alert the operator when an adjustment is required to further extend belt longevity. Also known as belt tracking.