Experience & History

Thor Global Enterprises Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of bulk material handling equipment for applications ranging from mining, recycling and aggregate to agriculture, coal, mineral and port terminals. Founded in 1969, Thor Global has grown significantly over the years in order to provide innovative solutions with unparalleled service and technology worldwide.

In The Beginning

Founder of the company Thor Johannsen, was born and raised in Denmark. He grew up with a family business (a builder of material handling equipment in Denmark), served an apprenticeship there, and studied mechanical engineering at the Danish Technical Academy.

Thor brought his experience and knowledge to Canada with the dream of opportunity and entrepreneurship. In 1969, he began a proprietorship for doing repair work on crane boom sections and welding pre-casts on construction sites. Within a few years Thor was purchasing and renting prefabricated tower cranes while subsequently expanding into the design and manufacture of conveyors and bulk material handling systems for ship loading and the aggregate industry.

Thor Steel & Welding

In 1973 Thor Steel and Welding Ltd. became incorporated and the manufacturing facility in Mississauga Ontario was opened. The company called themselves Thor Group with divisions Thor Cranes, Thor Conveyors and Thor Aggregate Equipment.

With growing experience in the aggregate industry, Thor developed the first ever side-fold conveyor system in 1975. At the time, this was a much more cost-effective method of making conveyors transport-ready than the classic top fold designs being employed by other manufacturers. A patent for the side-fold conveyor was awarded in Canada (June 26, 1979) and the United States (July 10, 1979).

Thor Johannsen's early success spurred the development of other rugged products such as the Viking series of screeners and many turnkey load-out operations that are still operating smoothly today, over 40 years later. Thor Steel Welding Ltd. was soon commissioned to manufacture and erect two 212ft tall 'hammerhead' tower cranes with 258ft long booms for Canada's Department of National Defense.

Invention Of The Telescopic Portable Radial Conveyor

With an innovative focus and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, the company quickly became a leader in the production of bulk material handling solutions. As increasingly stringent requirements to supply in-spec aggregate material had emerged, Thor developed the first telescopic conveyor ever to be used in bulk material stockpile creation in 1992. This had been the first true advancement in the battle against material segregation since the advent of the conveyor decades earlier, and has since revolutionized the way producers worldwide create aggregate stockpiles. Material could now be built in small concentric layers, thus ultimately reducing segregation. The demand for this product was so intense that the company decided to shift its primary focus towards developing Telescopic Conveyors, and have since been joined by other colleagues in the equipment manufacturing business.

Thor Global Today

In 2000, the name Thor Steel Welding Ltd. was officially changed to Thor Global Enterprises Ltd. Thor Global continues to lead the competition in terms of continued innovation, strength and simplicity, advanced technology, more standard features than any other manufacturer and the most telescopic experience. Thor has provided hundreds of telescopic machines in the most demanding environments worldwide (North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Australia and the Middle East).

Some of the notable events in our history
  • 1969 Thor Johannsen began doing repair work on cranes and welding pre-casts for construction sites.
  • 1972 Manufactured first conveyor for Cavanagh Construction.
  • 1973 Thor Steel & Welding Ltd. became incorporated.
  • 1974 Developed first portable crushing plant.
  • 1975 Invented first side-fold conveyor and featured it at a construction show in Toronto.
  • 1979 Patent awarded for the side-fold conveyor in Canada and the United States.
  • 1980 Developed first drive over feeding system.
  • 1982 Official opening of plant in Mississauga, Ontario.
  • 1982 Manufactured two ‘hammerhead’ tower cranes for Canada’s Department of National Defense.
  • 1984 Manufactured first trommel screen.
  • 1986 Developed Viking series of portable screening plants.
  • 1988 Manufactured first cable mast conveyor for ship loading.
  • 1992 Manufactured first bridge conveyor.
  • 1992 Invented first telescopic portable radial conveyor known today as the ThorStacker.
  • 1997 Manufactured first floating telescopic cable mast conveyor.
  • 2000 Name changed to Thor Global Enterprises Ltd.
  • 2004 Patent awarded for LES Load Equalizing System.
  • 2005 Patent awarded for Belt Scraper Tensioning Device.
  • 2007 Developed first ThorTowerStacker telescopic cable mast conveyor.
  • 2009 Developed first ThorLoPro low profile portable radial telescopic conveyor.
  • 2009 Developed first ThorTrax mobile track system.