Unloading Facility in Ontario

December 08, 2011

20111208-IMG_1661-miller-small.jpgThor Global Enterprises Limited has successfully commissioned a 4000 MTPH ship unloading system in Southern Ontario, Canada. The ship unloading system is part of a $20 Million port expansion plan that benefitted from partial Federal Government funding on condition that construction be completed only six months following initial tender requests.

Material from the ship is received by a 300 Ton Silo, and then is fed onto the main transfer conveyor by two 2000 MTPH JVI vibrating feeders. From there, the material is conveyed along a 60 in wide, 525 ft long transfer conveyor.  The transfer conveyor carries product to a 205 ft long 60 in wide cable mast conveyor that moves 270 degrees along a rail as it stockpiles aggregate in the desired area.

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The system looks significantly different than a typical conveyor system due to its triangular structure which somewhat resembles a tower crane structural configuration.  The use of triangular design yields several advantages as explained by Torben Johannsen, “A triangular boom gives you the ultimate in structural performance specifically on higher tonnage and heavier load projects due to greater strength to weight ratios. Not only is a triangle fundamentally stronger than a rectangle, the structural members on a triangular truss work in compression and tension, which eliminates all secondary stresses. Although a triangular boom may not be the most economical solution to build, it will add great value to the strength, longevity and reliability, something this customer takes very seriously."