Titanium Enriched PVC Idlers

November 11, 2010

20101109-IMG_9025_idlers_PVC_col-small.jpgThor Global introduces new titanium enriched PVC (poly vinyl chloride) idlers as a new standard feature on select ThorStacker™ models. 

PVC idlers are extremely durable with the added benefit of improved wear life. Unlike steel, PVC idlers are virtually rust proof and corrosion resistant, which makes them ideal for withstanding extreme global weather conditions. PVC rolls are also more abrasion resistant and 3x the thickness of steel. The bearing make-up and seal arrangement is identical to that of the standard steel idlers with a 25mm dia. shaft. In the unlikely event of a bearing failure on the roll, PVC idlers are safer than steel idlers. There is no risk of catching a splice or damaging the belt because PVC idlers do not develop a sharp edge during wear. By using PVC idlers, the total weight of the conveyor is reduced, which makes for a stronger telescopic structure

PVC idlers are available on existing frames and older models upon request.