Thor Delivers Improved System for Growing Heap Leaching Operation

October 26, 2012

Thor Global is committed to working with its customers to ensure their operations always run at optimum efficiency. Ongoing monitoring of the South American leaching operation revealed upgrades could be incorporated to further reduce operational down time and improve pile processing times. The client mandate of 98% availability, or no more than 2% down time during shift work – including scheduled maintenance – meant the most robust componentry and simplest of designs were needed.

Additional machinery was added to meet the customer’s multi-shift processing schedules and maximum down time requirements:

ThorStacker (T160x36-770 MTPH)
Bridge Conveyor (BC123x36-770 MTPH)
High Reach Transfer Conveyor (TC80x36-770 MTPH)
ThorLinks (TC36x105-770 MTPH) (spare machine for rotation/preventative maintenance)


In response to operations staff feedback, Thor developed several design enhancements for the newly commissioned machines. The original steel rollers were replaced with PVC rollers to reduce material adhesion. Material build-up on the chutes was resolved by replacing the AR400 plate with the friction-free polymer TIVAR 88.

Reconfiguring times were also reduced. The radial and towing axle formation was re-designed in the new Push Down Axle arrangement for quicker switch over and machine movement. The customer is now able to engage the towing axle and move the machines with belts running under full load and return back to radial stacking mode in just two minutes! 

Thor Global enthusiastically responds to customer needs, whether in developing an initial set-up or in maintaining ongoing efficiencies. We encourage customer feedback and collaboration to make real improvements in material handling systems – and the bottom line.

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