Stocking Woodchips Safely

October 10, 2010

Thor Global has designed and manufactured a T135x42-500 MTPH customized ThorStacker for stockpiling woodchips – material used to create anything from lumber to toilet paper. As opposed to the standard telescopic stackers that drive on tires, Thor Global has built this particular machine on rails due to its fixed location, and also in order to best withstand the harsh unpredictability of Maritimes weather.



What are the benefits of the telescopic stacker for this particular application? When stockpiling organic matter with loaders or fixed-height stackers, the residuum may at times spontaneously ignite. A resulting fire is not only hazardous from a safety perspective; it may also result in a significant proportion of the stockpile contents being lost. The ThorStacker, on the other hand, ensures a stable and aerated stockpile and therefore significantly reduces any risk of combustion. Not only is stockpiling organic matter safer with the ThorStacker, but the woodchips dry quicker - making it a huge time saver. Competitively priced customized products, safer stockpiling conditions, time saved and ultimately more bottom line for customers. Can’t get any better than that!