Quake Resistant Coal Plant

August 23, 2011

Thor Global has landed in South America with a yellow TS200x48-1200 MTPH ThorTowerStacker for a coal power plant. The custom finish consist of SP6 blast, 1st Coat Zinc Rich Epoxy Primer 75 (3mils), 2nd Coat High Build Polyamide Epoxy 150 (6 mils), 3rd Coat Catalysed Acrylic 75 (3mils), and final coat RAL 1021 (Yellow) for both the main structure AND guarding.

The purpose of this TowerStacker is to unload coal via conveying equipment and stockpiling it to feed the power plant.Thor Global has also managed to design the equipment in compliance with Chilean’s earthquake code (NCh 2396. of 2003), which is one of the strictest codes in the world given their frequency. In fact, this plant is about 75KM away from the epicenter of the 2010 quake, which registered 8.8 on the richter scale. 

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What else is so interesting about this TowerStacker?

It’s strength and flexibility. This machine is capable of stockpiling material in volumes up to 350,000 tons and is easily lowered and heightened for maintenance purposes. The customer no longer has to go out of their way to maintain this baby. It comes right down to them!