Mexican Salt Island

April 18, 2012

A 150ft long and 42in wide ThorStacker with a capacity of 1500 MTPH has been designed and manufactured by Thor Global for one of the worlds biggest salt mines located in Mexico!

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The T150x42-1500 MTPH ThorStacker is fully equipped with custom automated functions such as the wireless remote control and push down axle which make it flexible, accurate and durable for this salt mine. The Ford blue colour of the machine uses a custom paint spec consisting of SSPC-SP5 Sand Blasting, Inorganic Zinc Primer DFT (2-3mils), Epoxy Paint DFT (4-5mils), Polyurethane Coating DFT (2-5mils).

 This salt is harvested on the mainland and then shipped to the Island via barge so that the ThorStacker can do what it does best and stockpile. Eventually the salt is loaded onto vessels and exported around the world.

Who knows, maybe Thor Global has played a small role in where you got your salt from?!