Fresh Paint Specs

June 29, 2012

Thor Global has updated their standard paint colour from the old Ford Blue to a new Iron Grey with a slick red stripe along the inner and outer truss. In addition to the new colour, they have also improved their standard paint specifications to a three-part process using two component ALLCOLOUR products to increase the durability and further prevent fading and peeling.


  1. ALLCURE 535 Grey HS Primer is used to help the top coat adhere better to bare steel. This primer has excellent resistance to solvents, mild chemical solutions, oils and acids.
  2. POLYCURE HS Top Coat is  a durable urethane solution that doesn’t fade and gives a nice glossy finish. The top coat is free of isocyanides and exceptionally resistant to water, oil, gasoline and mild acid.
  3. ALLCRYL 2000 HG Clear Coat is applied over all components such as bearings, motors and pumps. The clear coating provides greater durability towards sand, dirt and other abrasive materials.

If that’s not exciting enough, Thor Global has also implemented new surface preparation techniques to improve the surface for adherence to the primer. Prior to painting, every welded tubular and

Thor Telescopic Conveyor, Stacker, Paint, Spec, Specification, iron grey, ALLCURE Primer, ALLCOLOUR, POLYCURE Top Coat, ALLCRYL Clear Coat, SPI solvent cleaning, dry ice, SP3 wire brush cleaning, sandblasting, stitch welding, full seal weld angular piece of steel is cleaned using dry ice which is a greener solution than using traditional solvents. SP1 ‘solvent cleaning’ and SP3 ‘wire brush cleaning’ techniques are used only when required for difficulty areas. Optional Sandblasting of SP6 ‘commercial blast cleaning’ and SP10 ‘near-white blast cleaning’ are available upon request with adherence to SSPC and NACE standards.

Optional non-structural full seal welding is available upon request and includes full welds in all steel connections as well as a paintable silicon adhesive applied between all standard stitch welds. In addition to standard structural full seal welding, optional non-structural full seal welding is ideal for heavy salt, marine and acid resistant applications. 

Are you looking for the ultimate solution for full rust prevention? Look no more! Full seal welding will definitely do the job!