Compost, Mulch and More

July 07, 2007

A new wave is in store for compost and mulch producers across North America as Thor Global Enterprises addresses the challenges associated with internal fires, compaction, and contamination using the ThorStack2 telescopic portable radial stacker. These challenges have a serious impact on revenue growth and sustainability, and are linked to negative implications with respect to environmental health. The ThorStack2 is an innovative product, which may be used to effectively resolve these hurdles, thereby, strengthening the bottom line of corporations in the compost and mulch industry.

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The use of heavy machinery also poses a risk of contaminating mulch with dirt, steel or undesirable objects, and is also related to negative environmental hazards linked to emissions and fuel consumption. In an age where product quality is the driving force behind the success of an underlying business, contamination cannot be tolerated. Competitors generating higher quality will inevitably increase their market share as consumers look to their product for greater value. Thor is bigger than any other stacker and it’s great for handling raw and finished material. With the way the Thor operates, we were able to relieve our front-end loaders for other purposes,” explains Bruce Derewal, Production Manager of Frontier Wood Products. “We were operating seven loaders and now we’re down to five. We saw the savings as soon as we started using the Thor stacker.

As Bruce Derewal has identified, implementation of a telescopic stacker can reduce the need for loaders or dump trucks. This reduction not only has a positive effect on corporate revenues, but also limits contamination and the harmful effects of the environment caused by the use of these types of machinery. Each company encounters different challenges but their reactions are all the same when they hear about our product. It’s kind of like a light bulb goes off when they realize how many problems can be reduced or resolved,” said Torben.

Reduce Internal Fires

 Internal fires are the most dangerous challenge associated with mulch and compost material handling. A mulch fire in San Antonio, TX burned for nearly a month starting on December 25, 2006 and reached an estimated 400ft long by 80ft high. The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) found this event to be extremely hazardous, and moved local residents out of the area to avoid dangerous levels of smoke inhalation. Internal fires not only pose serious safety concerns for employees and local residents, but also result in valuable product loss due to damage. Legal liabilities associated with internal fires seriously impair the financial health of an unprotected firm, not to mention, the negative publicity an organisation could face in the event of a tragedy.

Current customers of Thor Global report that the ThorStack2 significantly reduces this risk by approximately 95%. When stockpiling with a ThorStack2™ the material is being poured under constant motion, which reduces friction and keeps the material loose, aerated and cool, ensuring the core temperature does not rise to the point of combustion,” explains Torben Johannsen, Territory Manager of Thor Global Enterprises Ltd.


Compaction is a source of drain on corporate handling. Compaction occurs when material is repeatedly run over by heavy machinery such as front end loaders and dump trucks, render- ing as much as one quarter of the material unusable. Compaction can also occur through the dumping of material from loaders and dump trucks onto the desired site. The sheer volume of compost or mulch dropped from an elevated position causes compaction within itself.

The telescopic stacker was originally designed to eliminate segregation in the aggregate industry; however, the same function has been proven to effectively benefit mulch and compost production. The ThorStack2 telescopic portable radial stacker eliminates the challenge of compaction by maintaining a constant pile height of 1.5 feet from the head pulley of the discharge conveyor to the pile. The stacker also distributes product evenly in a controlled area without disrupting natural settling of the material. Conventional forms of distribution use front-end loaders or dump trucks that not only lay the material down abruptly and unevenly, but also, compact sections that need to be accessed in order to effectively use storage area.

The Thorstack2 is an innovative alternative to the excessive use of loaders or dump trucks and provides an effective solution to the challenges faced with internal fires, combustion, and contamination. A telescopic stacker is essential for the cost effective production of compost and mulch, and should not be overlooked as a viable solution to the challenges that the industry faces.