2000 STPH Highway Portable Stacker

October 01, 2007

Thor Global has announced the release of the new T150x48-2000, 48” x 150’ (2000TPH) Highway Portable Telescopic Stacker. The T150-20 can be folded up and ready for transportation or unfolded and ready for production within 15 minutes. 

To design a high capacity structure with an unlimited truss depth is easy to do, but to design a truss depth for a high capacity portable machine that stays within transportation regulations is a significant challenge. A 48” belt width requires both structural support and structural height. For most North American highways, the maximum height is 14’. Thor Global’s experience in cranes, has enabled us to design a 48” x 150’ ThorStack2™ with the perfect balance of weight and structure to provide the strongest machine possible. 

Thor Global has proven that all things can be improved. Here is a list of some of the many innovations and modifications to the ThorStack2™ series within the past two years.


PATENT-PENDING Fully Braced Undercarriage. This new head undercarriage (used for raising and lowering the stacker) is “fully braced” to provide complete stability when fully extended.

Restriction Stoppers for the fully braced Undercarriage. These stoppers provide higher efficiency for the hydraulic cylinders and protect the hydraulic system from overloading. 

Quick-Release System allows the operator to easily engage or disengage the radial drive system for travel or working positions within 3 minutes.

Zero Speed Switches on inner and outer conveyors protect the stacker from overloading if the belt is broken or slipping

Automated Cable Slack and Tension Detection eliminates the need to monitor cables at all times.

Floating Urethane (UHMW) Skirting in the stone box eliminates spillage, and minimizes wear due to friction.