Introducing Our 'Thor Trax'

September 24, 2018

Thor Trax 1

Drive down costs and push your material handling capability into overdrive with the THOR TRAX™

THOR TRAX™ comes as a self-contained unit that works with any heavy equipment equipped with a fifth-wheel pin.

Enjoy higher mobility and maneuverability with either rubber or steel continuous tracks that performs well in all terrains to deliver results.


Thor Trax 2

[VIDEO] Ship Unloading System in Michigan

August 03, 2018

Off a river in Michigan, Thor Global machines are moving massive amounts of crushed gravel. Check out our Thor FeedHopper, two ThorLinks, and a T150x54 move material at more than 3,000 tph!


[VIDEO] ThorStacker from a Bird's-eye View

April 05, 2018

Check out some stockpiling action from way up high! We've got some aerial drone footage of our ThorStacker stacking gravel and we're proud to share it with you! Come soar, and move more with Thor.