About Thor Global

Bulk material handling is hard work. Moving vast quantities of natural resources and raw materials is vital to the economy. Yet these days it seems like a thankless job.

Rising costs in transportation, labour and equipment combined with global competition is making it difficult to be profitable. Increased legislation and regulatory standards complicate things even more. So to win in this business you need to take control and seize opportunity.

In times like these, you need to rely on a leader - someone with a proven track record of inventiveness who understands your specific issues, someone who is looking forward and blazing a new path. You can no longer settle for the same old ideas or short-term solutions. Success comes from looking at the problems in a new way and developing tools that do more with less.


Our mission is to equip our clients with the tools to handle bulk material and the ideas to move their business.


We see bulk material handlers working smarter and enjoying more profit and success from their businesses.


Through creativity, skill and innovation, our team is dedicated to providing solutions that are simple, practical, and profitable for the customer.

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    We invented it. We understand it.
    Founder of the company Thor Johannsen, was born and raised in Denmark. He grew up with a family business (a builder of material handling equipment in Denmark). [Read more]
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    Satisfaction is mandatory.
    At Thor Global Enterprises, our success is a direct result of customer satisfaction. We recognize that long lasting relationships do not exist based on the strength of products alone. [Read more]
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    Constant innovation. Smarter Equipment. International Growth.
    We are manufacturers who build smarter, leaner equipment for companies worldwide who need more versatility and control in an era of steep business challenges. [Read more]